Pay Per Click

As simple as it sounds! One can pay for every click he receives from search engines, directed to his website. This turns out to be one of the most effective techniques of on line marketing as it solves the mystery of getting traffic or visitors to your site. Your site can easily be found by potential customers looking for services or goods offered by you. However it sure is a costly affair and can empty your pockets sooner than you can imagine. This is why our team of experts will guide and handle your PPC campaign to minimize your expenses and maximize your returns.

Pay Per Click Service Commonly Include
  • Google Ad words: It helps to increase and encourages website traffic, increases in clicks and it gets different leads from Google Adwords ads, etc.
  • Banner Ads: Banner Ads include Different types of image banner ads, Rectangular Banner Ads, and also it includes important contents of website.
  • Landing Pages: Landing Pages includes innovative and creative web pages that increases traffic and attracts visitors to click one the website and captures and increases the leads.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin ads: Social networking websites has open various options to advertise, promotes the websites with the help of text ads, images ads, video ads, , sponsored posts/ tweets, etc.
  • Re-targeting and Re-marketing: It includes re-targeting or re-marketing the peoples, persons who have visited your website but did not completed the various actions due to some reasons. You should grab such opportunities because it may include potential leads.
  • Media Buying: You should select proper way of media to promote and advertise your website that will give you good return.
  • Google Product Listing: You should proper highlight and list your companys product on Google Product Listing Ads.