The free online Encyclopedia - WIKIPEDIA is a revolution of its own kind. The humongous content updated constantly by its users worldwide was a never before phenomenon. As digital marketers, it comes out to be an inspiration to engage audience and provide quality result.


The end of search is at Google… Right from its origin till now the company focuses on mainly the simplicity it provides to its users. Simple, precise, relevant and quick is what google is all about. With remote individuals to large companies everyone is connected by a simple and easy to use link, GOOGLE. As digital marketers we are inspired by google’s approach to engage users by keeping it simple.

Malcom Gladwel:

The author has a unique eye for detail and his ability to correlate the various episodes which can be easily left Unnoticed. A former new York journalist and the author of bestseller “The Tipping point”, “Blink”, “Outliers” is an inspiration to us with his sound vision and ability to manage all the information he has.